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The Horizon 2020 programmeis characterised by a transversal structure: certain scientific themes such as socio-economic and human sciences (SSH) can be found in the three pillars of Horizon 2020. Even if the SSH are embedded in the entire programme, it is currently difficult to know what their real place is in H2020. However, SSH aspects clearly appear in the societal challenge 6: Europe in an evolving world: innovative, inclusive and introspective societies as it's goal is to help Europe to face up to the social, economic and political challenges that it is confronted with.

Inclusive societies: this is about understanding the social changes in Europe and their impact on social cohesion, to analyse and develop social, economic and political inclusion, in order to create a positive intercultural dynamic within the Union and with international partners, through cutting-edge and interdisciplinary science, technological advances and organisational innovations.

Innovative societies: the goal is to encourage the development of societies and innovative policies in Europe, through the commitment of citizens, organisations of civil society, entreprises and users of research and innovation. The work programme targets new forms of innovation which could play an essential role in overcoming the crisis and creating opportunities for growth, notably in the public sector.

Introspective societies: the goal is to aid understanding of European intellectual bases, through its history and the multiple European and non-European influences that it has undergone, and to make the most of it as a source of inspiration for our modern day lives. Thus, deepening the understanding of cultural heritage and identities of Europe will make the encouragement of cohesion and solidarity possible.

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